Saturday, January 16, 2016

Knitting Socks

It has been 6 months since I last posted but have been busy making socks.  I finally took the plunge and made my first pair, I was so intimidated by socks that I never thought I would make any. But then I found Knit Freedom and they had a toe up pattern for worsted weight and so, I began my sock making, the pattern was easy to follow and since I have made 8 pairs and working on number 9. I love to wear them they feel so good compared to store bought, so that is why I keep making them. Now I can have a pair done in 2-3 days so they knit up quickly.  I am also knitting a mohair throw with 5 colors of yarn and knit with 5 colors at once on size 35 needles so it should go quickly.  Our weather has been cool in the high 50s and mid 40s at night so not too bad.  They keep saying El Nino is coming but we have not seen much of it but are hoping the rains starts soon. I have been so busy knitting and crocheting I have made no time at all for embroidery, but I do miss it so will have to start a project soon. My Yorkies are all doing good and keeping me laughing, love having them around.  When I do not feel good I tell them let's go nite, nite and the 3 run to the bed and we all take a nap. They love to cuddle in bed and I love having them.  Hopefully I will post much sooner than I did last time.