Saturday, May 13, 2017

Wishing all Mother's a Happy Mother's Day. Have a wonderful day.

Friday, May 12, 2017

I finally finished carding my wool and started spinning. Finished the wool  and then it was time to ply but I had nothing to hold my bobbins. So I went to the hardware store and bought some wood and a brass rod and made my own Lazy Kate.  I can now start spinning my other wool and  ply with no problems. Also my first spun yarn it's messy, I have taken it apart to show everyone, so I need to set the twist.

Sunday, April 23, 2017

I have been busy carding wool to spin, my son-in law made me a new spinning wheel. I printed the instructions from Spin-Olution for their Gypsy wheel but it did not give him much to go on and the directions were so badly written that he had to design a whole new wheel.

The first two pictures are where I am putting it together after I hand painted front and back of the wheel and the pedals too.  The other pictures are of the wheel all assembled and ready for spinning.  I am so proud of my son in-law who did an awesome job and worked on it for 4 months.
I am carding the wool and preparing it for spinning yarn for socks.  I love wool hand knit socks, so I am adding nylon to my wool which helps it keep it's shape when knitted into socks.
I am feeling real good again and getting ready for my Granddaughter Jamie's wedding June 17th. Bridal shower is next Saturday, so it's getting close. Purchased my gown for the wedding and received it Thursday and what a beautiful job they did, I am real happy with the results.